Terms and conditions of Osada Guty

§ 1. Reservation
1. Reservation can be done via an online enquiry form sent to the contact email address: info@osadaguty.pl or via phone at +48 784-221-547.
2. To make a reservation, the following contact details are required:
  • - Name and surname of the Renter.
  • - Number of guests including information on how many adults and children will be accommodated. Please provide the age of a child.
  • - Precise dates of the stay.
3. Following a receipt of tentative booking, the Renter is obliged to make a downpayment of 800 zł (PLN) and security deposit of 1000 zł (PLN) within two working days on a bank account: 46 1050 1445 1000 0097 2157 7352 Osada Guty, Ogrodowa 45, 43-424 Szaflary, NIP 735 287 47 01. The amount of the down payment is 4000 zł (PLN) and security deposit is 1000 zł (PLN) during Christmas time and New Year.
4. Booked reservation and paid down payment means the acceptance of following terms and conditions by the Renter. This agreement shall be deemed once the advance payment is made.
5. There is no charge for stay for children who are up to 3 years.
§ 2. Rules for check-in and check-out
1. Check-in starts at 4 p. m. (arrival day) and finishes at 10 a. m. (departure day)
2. Check-in shall be done on the arrival day. Check-out takes place in the house in the presence of the Owner or any authorised person.
  • - If you decide to terminate your stay at Osada Guty earlier, then there is no refund of advance payment
3. The Renter shall carry out inspection of the house, check all sanitary facilities, furniture and sliding doors within an hour after check-in is completed. Any noticed defects or damages shall be immediately reported to the Owner.
4. If a number of people claimed in the online contact form is exceeded (without the consent and knowledge of the Owner or any authorized person), the Owner reserves the rights to an immediate termination of the contract with all consequences without a necessity to reimburse the sum paid in advance.
5. The Renter is obliged to return the house in a good condition - in particular to wash the dishes and clean kitchen utensils before the departure. If the undertakings above are not met, this shall result in the compensation payment in the form of paid security deposit on final cleaning services. The cleaning services fee is 150 zł (PLN) (in words: one hundred and fifty).
§ 3. Booking cancellation
1. Cancellation can be done no later than 45 days before planned arrival without any additional charges. If the stay is planned during Christmas, New Year's Day or Easter period, then the deadline is 60 days.
2. Booking cancellation in a shorter period is acceptable only at 50% charge of the full stay.
§ 4. Payment terms
1. The Renter shall make a full payment for the stay no later than on the arrival day.
2. The Renter shall pay 1000 zł (PLN) of deposit as an advance payment. The Owner shall refund the deposit on the departure day after the compliance with house usage is confirmed, but also in the event of resignation from the stay.
§ 5. Stay terms
1. Smoking inside the premises is strictly prohibited except outdoors. Shall this rule be not obeyed, 1000 PLN fee (in words: one thousand) will be applied to cover cleaning, washing services and call fire department.
2. The Renter bears full financial responsibility for any damages as well as a loss or destruction of house equipment and technical devices that arise from Renter's own fault or other invited Guests.
3. The Renter is obliged to turn off all electrical appliances (lighting, television sets) and to lock the front doors.
4. Cars shall be parked in a designated parking lot only. Parking is free of charge but not guarded.
5. Due to the requirements of Fire Safety, no appliances or devices powered with electricity or gas which are not part of the equipment of the rooms and which may pose a fire threat, e.g. immersed electrical heaters, heaters, gas burners, are allowed to be used in the House. It is strictly prohibited to bring any inflammable materials, explosives or materials of offensive smells into the House.
6. In the event of breaching the provisions of the hereby Terms and Conditions, the Owners of Osada Guty have the sole right to terminate the contract and request to leave the property with an immediate effect.
7. Visitors who are not checked-in guests of Osada Guty may be present in the House only with the Host's prior consent.
8. Guests are obliged to keep silent hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
9. The under-aged are obliged to be supervised by a parent or a legal guardian.
10. In the event of barbecue, please ensure that it is left as you found it. Charcoal and briquette is arranged by Guests themselves.
11. The Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage of property owned by the Renter.
12. The Renter must not tamper the central heating controller, except for changing the temperature on a thermostat available in the House.
13. In case of an accident or any emergency whatsoever, first aid kit can be found in the lobby.
14. Walking in shoes, especially high-heels and ski boots, in the House is strictly forbidden.
15. The Owner reserves the right to refuse continuation of services to persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who behave aggressively or who fail to comply with Terms and Conditions. No refund of advance payments is possible then.
§ 6. Final terms
1. By making a reservation, the Guest agrees to process his/her personal data for booking process and registration purposes in compliance with the Data Protection Act (as of 29.08.1997), notwithstanding his/her right to access the data, as well as to demand its amendment or erase.
2. The contract concluded by and between the House Owner and the Renter does not include travel, meals or arrangement of activities during the stay.
3. The Owner shall not be liable for any temporary inconveniences caused by independent suppliers, e.g. water outage, electrical power outage.
4. Animals are allowed provided that prior information about this fact was included during the reservation process and only if they pose no threat or nuisance to the persons living nearby. The Renter is liable for any damages caused by pet(s).
5. Terms and Conditions of Osada Guty are made public by being published on www.osadaguty.pl website and through an individual acknowledgement by the Guests.
6. Polish law shall govern the settlement of disputes arising between the Owner and the Guest. Any disputes shall be amicably settled among the Sides. In case out-of-court settlement is not reached, such disputes shall be referred to the Courts of competent jurisdiction determined by the Owner's location.
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